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Launch Your Fail-Proof Ecommerce Business In Record Speed Using AI
Proven Strategies!

No Inventory, Technical, Design or Coding Experience Needed...Source and Sell In-demand, High Profit Wholesale Products From Suppliers in US, EU, AUS, and CA With Express Shipping Speeds!

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Skip Straight To The Fun Part (Making Sales) With Our Fully Built AI-Powered E-commerce Stores!

When you grab one of our done-for-you, AI-Powered eCommerce stores today, you’ll be the INSTANT owner of a professionally designed store in a profitable niche pre-loaded with proven winning products and optimized to convert ice-cold leads into red-hot buyers!

Source Top Quality Products

Start selling immediately with pre-loaded products OR add your own. Select from a wholesale catalog of millions of products! 

Drive Traffic and Sales Immediately

COPY our proven traffic strategies and step-by-step blueprints for what is hot right now in 2023 to attract new customers and sales!

Replicate and Scale Your Business

Repeat what works and scale your business consistently or create more ecommerce stores for yourself. Keep 100% of the profits!

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If You Tried E-commerce And Failed Before... 
King Kong Brands are Your SOLUTION!

Never Sell Another Low Quality Chinese Product Again...Source and Sell In-demand, High Profit Wholesale Products FromSuppliers in US, EU, and CA With Express Shipping Speeds!

"I Don't Have Website Creation Experience" - SOLVED!

An Activated Fully Stocked Ecommerce Store:
We activate your beautiful and professional new ecommerce store effortlessly for you, completely ready to
make sales straight away
Artificial Intelligence Product Picker Technology:  Scans thousands of products and adds unique, in-demand products to your site automatically. Every site we build is UNIQUE to you!
First To Market:
 Technology not available anywhere else! Select from thousands of products sourced locally from suppliers in US, UK, and CA and start selling effortlessly.

"I Don't Have Time" - SOLVED!

Automate Product Sourcing
and Delivery:
Be The Middleman and Earn BIG. You never have to
hold inventory or ship anything yourself. Once the sale is made, the supplier ships the items to your customers and you pocket the profits!
No Upfront Investment: You don't even buy anything until someone buys from you first at a big markup. Buy low and sell high!
Set and Forget Business: Once your site is setup, all you need is 30 minutes each day for upkeep and scaling your business for more profits!

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"I Failed At Ecommerce Before" - SOLVED!

Step-By-Step Training & Hand Holding: Our in-depth training, personalized assistance and hand holding ensures you always stay ahead of the curve and get the best results!
Fail-Proof Technologies and Tools: We are handing you all the software tools and training you need to create multiple sales and drive traffic to get customers on demand faster than ever before!
Stop Selling Low Quality Chinese Products Like Everyone Else:  Start sourcing high quality wholesale products from US, EU and CA with express shipping speed for massive success!

"I Don't Know How To Dive Traffic & Customers" - SOLVED!

Step-By-Step Traffic Training:  Copy our proven traffic strategies and top-secret case studies to drive new customers and a flood of sales to your websites!
SEO Optimized Sites For Top Rankings:  Your sites are updated regularly with the latest SEO and rankings technologies to get TOP results on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo for FREE organic traffic and sales.
Conversion Technologies Built-in:  Cutting edge conversion and sales driving technologies like sonic site speed booster, one-page checkout, auto email newsletters, coupon creator, SEO optimizer and blog creator and others are built-in to automatically turn your prospects into sales!

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Become An Instant Ecom C.E.O!
Grab Your Fully Built, AI-Powered
eCommerce Store Today!

Our pre-built Ecommerce stores allow you to skip
the time-consuming and often overwhelming tasks
of designing and setting up your online store,
so you can
focus on making sales and growing your business.

Wholesale Product Inventory With 1 Million Plus In- Demand Products

Source High Quality Products From US, EU, CA - Select from thousands of in-demand, unique and custom made products locally that ship to customers in supersonic speed! Stop selling Chinese (Aliexpress) products like everyone else. Get access to a huge wholesale product library of products that sell like HOT CAKES! You can also add your own products to the sites and start selling with zero hassels!

AI Wholesale Product Picker Technology (First To Market)

No more generic websites with everyone selling the same products. Be UNIQUE! 

First of it's kind AI Product Picker Technology picks the "top selling" products in your selected market and add them to your site AUTOMATICALLY!
You no longer have to spend HOURS trying to figure out what's selling - let our Artificial Intelligence robot take care of this for you!

Cutting Edge Conversion & Sales Technologies Built In...

Secure SSL Websites: All sites come with FREE industry leading SSL certificates for a massive boost in trust and conversions.

Sonic Website Speed Booster: Boosts your page loading speed and improve the overall user experience. Rank higher on search results and get more sales!

Full Feature Ecom Email Platform: Collect emails, design emails and send emails to all your subscribers with our built-in full feature email autoresponder!

Payment Gateway Robot: Integrate with 40+ top payment services like PayPal, Stripe and more to collect payments with ease!

Auto Profit Max Mailer: Automated newsletter delivery system built-in. Emails your subscribers about your latest products, best sellers and store specials. Set and forget, the newsletters are automatically populated and mailed to your subscribers to boost reviews and sales!

SEO Pro Optimizer: Instantly create SEO friendly URLS, keywords and product descriptions to rank higher on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo for FREE organic traffic on demand!

Hyper Sales Robot: Offer coupons, discounts, gift vouchers to convert website visitors into sales!

Abandoned Cart Re-engager Technology: Automatically email follow ups to people who left your sites without buying to get a 300% boost in conversions and sales!

Blog Creation Robot: Create beautiful blogs to boost engagement and sales on your sites! 

Bulk List & Sell Your Products On Google Shopping, Ebay, New FaceBook Shops & Walmart With AI!

Want a flood of traffic and sales and don't know how?

Start selling your products on Google Shopping, Ebay, Walmart (US only) and Facebook Shops with EASE!
Bulk list your products on all these high traffic websites with AI. Using these powerful integrations you can get the buyers to come to YOU without having to chase them with paid ads...This puts your products in front of millions of buyers.

All your traffic and sales generation problems are SOLVED!

Tax Management, Client Invoicing, GDPR Compliance, Pixel Manager Built-In!

Hassle-free selling with AUTOMATION!
Automate time-consuming and tedious tasks and start enjoying unprecedented business growth!
Your store comes loaded with automated engines to manage Pixel placement for Facebook, Instagram, Google and Pinterest!
GDPR compliance, client invoicing, automated tax management are all included for not additional cost!

Unlimited Premium Google Cloud Hosting For All Your Sites!

Save thousands in monthly fees.
UNLIMITED Google Cloud Hosting is included with all your websites. This is the same hosting we use in our business for super fast load speeds, ability to handle unlimited traffic and top search rankings! We keep your site updated with all the latest technologies in the background while you enjoy the profits.

Step-By-Step Video Training And Friendly Support!

Forget trial and error.....
Copy our traffic strategies, case studies and conversion blueprints to get results FAST!
Get help from our friendly support team when you are stuck. Our support team is available 6 days a week, we work even on Saturdays to serve our customers and help them become our next success stories!

Your Questions Answered

Are There Any Additional Fees?

Unlike Shopify and other platforms that charge you a monthly fee per site. With King Kong Brands you can host your store at no additional charge. All you need is a domain name which costs $10.99 a year. For additional cost savings for our customers we also include FREE SSL Certificates, Privacy Shield and Google Cloud Hosting for the life of your store, saving you THOUSANDS in monthly fees! 

Can I Sell My Own Products?

Absolutely, you can sell your own products on your ecommerce site. Adding your products to the site is easy and just takes a few seconds. To maximize your profits, we provide full training on sourcing, pricing and the complete process of uploading the products into your store. Our process is far simpler than Shopify and other platforms, and is FREE!

Can I Sell The Ecommerce Sites I Create?

Absolutely! There is massive demand for high quality ecommerce stores. Each site can potentially be sold for $1500 USD or more on platforms like Flippa.com. AI powered stores like ours do not come around very often! We also provide complete training on how you can grow and sell your eCommerce asset.

Does This Work In All Countries?

YES! We have wholesale suppliers from all around the world in our large database. You can select your location and instantly source products locally for express shipping speeds. Buy for low and sell for HUGE margins. We have a strong network of suppliers in the US, EU and CA which ship all around the world. So no matter where you are located you can sell your products with ease via your website!

Is Training and Support Included?

YES! To ensure your success we are including Over-the-shoulder insider access with in-depth step-by-step training that you can follow to grow and scale your business. Get unrestricted access to our top secret traffic strategies, case studies and blueprints. We have complete walkthrough videos on every aspect of your store so you will be a master in no time. Plus we offer unrivalled support 24/7 we are always here for you.

What Platforms Can I Sell My Products On?

You can sell your products on Google Shopping, Ebay, Walmart (US only), Etsy and Facebook Shops with EASE! Bulk list your products on all these high traffic platforms with AI. Using these powerful integrations you can get the buyers to come to YOU without having to chase them with paid ads...This puts your products in front of millions of buyers. Plus our Search Engine Optimised stores will bring you a steady flow of organic visitors.
All your traffic and sales generation problems are SOLVED!

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