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Skip Straight To The Fun Part (Making Sales) With Our Fully Built AI-Powered E-commerce Stores!

When you grab one of our done-for-you, AI-Powered eCommerce stores today, you’ll be the INSTANT owner of a professionally designed store in a profitable niche pre-loaded with proven winning products and optimized to convert ice-cold leads into red-hot buyers!

Source Top Quality Products

Start selling immediately with pre-loaded products OR add your own. Select from a wholesale catalog of millions of products! 

Drive Traffic and Sales Immediately

COPY our proven traffic strategies and step-by-step blueprints for what is hot right now in 2023 to attract new customers and sales!

Replicate and Scale Your Business

Repeat what works and scale your business consistently or create more ecommerce stores for yourself. Keep 100% of the profits!

Purchase Today,
Start Selling Today

You will be an INSTANT owner of a professionally designed store in a profitable niche pre-loaded with proven winning products and optimized to convert ice-cold leads into red-hot buyers!

  • Great Margins 

  • Growing Market

  • All the hard work done for you 

  • Best decision of my life! I am now doing multiple 6 figures each month!!


    Why King Kong Brands

    Remove The Guess Work 

    Using our results orientated process that have created success for ourselves & clients, we take all the guess work out of the equation for your ecommerce business.

    We Take Away The Stress

    We build and help you grow your brand so that you do not have to spend time stressing about products & building a store to the highest quality in the shortest time.

    Partner With Success

    With over 20+ years digital commerce experience, we know how to create eCommerce stores that generate the highest conversion rates and provide the best ROI. 

    One On One Coaching

    Creating a successful store can be challenging, it is why we guide you in the right direction to enable your success with ease and reach goals within your business. 

    Heavy Lifting Done For You 

    You can focus on growing your business not working in it! With automation you can create multiple eCommerce assets in a variety of different markets and niches.

    Grow Your eCommerce Asset

    You will have access to expert traffic outreach, you will know exactly how to run, maintain & scale a successful business and consistently bring in over 6-7 figures a year.

    What Are Others Saying About 'King Kong Brands'

    "We made an additional
    $13,178 In 7 Days"

    "Easy To Do Business With, Over Delivered Under Promised"

    "The One On One Coaching was fantastic"

    Your Questions Answered

    Are There Any Additional Fees?

    Unlike Shopify and other platforms that charge you a monthly fee per site. With King Kong Brands you can host your store at no additional charge. All you need is a domain name which costs $10.99 a year. For additional cost savings for our customers we also include FREE SSL Certificates, Privacy Shield and Google Cloud Hosting for the life of your store, saving you THOUSANDS in monthly fees! 

    Can I Sell My Own Products?

    Absolutely, you can sell your own products on your ecommerce site. Adding your products to the site is easy and just takes a few seconds. To maximize your profits, we provide full training on sourcing, pricing and the complete process of uploading the products into your store. Our process is far simpler than Shopify and other platforms, and is FREE!

    Can I Sell The Ecommerce Sites I Create?

    Absolutely! There is massive demand for high quality ecommerce stores. Each site can potentially be sold for $1500 USD or more on platforms like Flippa.com. AI powered stores like ours do not come around very often! We also provide complete training on how you can grow and sell your eCommerce asset.

    Does This Work In All Countries?

    YES! We have wholesale suppliers from all around the world in our large database. You can select your location and instantly source products locally for express shipping speeds. Buy for low and sell for HUGE margins. We have a strong network of suppliers in the US, EU and CA which ship all around the world. So no matter where you are located you can sell your products with ease via your website!

    Is Training and Support Included?

    YES! To ensure your success we are including Over-the-shoulder insider access with in-depth step-by-step training that you can follow to grow and scale your business. Get unrestricted access to our top secret traffic strategies, case studies and blueprints. We have complete walkthrough videos on every aspect of your store so you will be a master in no time. Plus we offer unrivalled support 24/7 we are always here for you.

    What Platforms Can I Sell My Products On?

    You can sell your products on Google Shopping, Ebay, Walmart (US only), Etsy and Facebook Shops with EASE! Bulk list your products on all these high traffic platforms with AI. Using these powerful integrations you can get the buyers to come to YOU without having to chase them with paid ads...This puts your products in front of millions of buyers. Plus our Search Engine Optimised stores will bring you a steady flow of organic visitors.
    All your traffic and sales generation problems are SOLVED!

    Skip the guesswork and trial-and-error of trying to figure everything out yourself – for the very first time. And instead, grow your business with proven complete eCommerce solutions, customer converting stores, branding frameworks and scientific researched data (not hopes and prayers)

    *Disclaimer: The potential earnings guide provided on this website and PDF is general in nature and does not constitute what the business will earn. Income level achievements are dependent upon the individuals business skills, personal ambition, time, financial commitment, activity and demographic factors & King Kong Brands have no control over what a business will or won’t earn. King Kong Brands provide you with a business idea, shopping cart website & business services to help you launch the new online store.